Today’s business environments are as unique as the businesses themselves. At Dennis Colwell Architects, we strive to create spaces that reflect the values and goals of our clients. There are countless solutions available in the office space, and it’s important to us that we help the client navigate the options to find the best fit for their needs. In addition to office areas, careful thought goes into supporting spaces to allow the user to best utilize the space to meet their cultural and organizational needs. While designing a new space, it’s vital to be paying special attention to the company’s branding, culture, and expansion opportunities throughout the creative process.


Custom residential design is a core focus at Dennis Colwell Architects. Whether it’s new construction or additions/alteration, we work with the client from the first brainstorm to the finished product. Our process begins with discussing goals, tastes, and design trends with the client. As the design develops, other factors such as budget, site constraints, and structural design come into the forefront. Direct communication between the client and our team of designers ensures a streamlined process from preliminary design through construction. Our addition/alteration projects include open-concept living spaces, master suites, garages, sunrooms, and outdoor living spaces.

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Multi-Family & Developments

The team at Dennis Colwell Architects has worked on hundreds of projects with residential developers. These projects include multi-lot subdivisions, two-family residences, and multi-unit apartments/condominiums. Establishing a strong relationship with developers from the beginning of a project ensures smooth transitions from the design phase, to the construction phase, to the marketing and sales phase. Our experience in real estate development gives us key insight on ROI, resale value, and market trends.

Restaurant & Hospitality

The team at Dennis Colwell Architects has worked on a number of restaurants at many different scales and service levels. These include standalone restaurants, bars and breweries, tenant fit-outs, and delivery/takeout establishments. We work with restaurant clients of all types, including small independent business owners, franchisees, and national chains. We strive to create a patron experience that matches each client’s unique brand.

With a growing number of hospitality clients, we’ve been afforded the opportunities to create locally-inspired designs across the country. Establishing ties to the community provides unique experiences for out-of-town guests. Our projects in this sector have included full guestrooms, lobby and reception spaces, spas and fitness rooms, restaurants, bars, and casinos.

Retail & Banking

Retail and mercantile projects have been a large part of the focus at Dennis Colwell Architects. We’ve worked with clients along the entire scale of the retail sector, from small boutiques to franchise fit-outs to large shopping complexes. Our team focuses on customer experience, branding, and budget. After design, we work with the client through the construction administration phase, helping the business open its doors to the public as soon as possible. Past projects include tenant fit-outs, vanilla boxes, and large scale renovations to malls and shopping centers.

Financial institutions are evolving to meet today’s technology standards and rising customer expectations. Creating a retail experience for customers, while strengthening the brand of the institution, takes careful planning and thought. Our desiners work with clients to identify their needs, then design an innovative engaging retail environment together. To achieve the personalized experience of today’s financial consumers expect, the team from Dennis Colwell Architects creates a contemporary retail layout, turning branch locations into dynamic financial environments. Whether a client needs an external facade upgrade, a complete interior design, or anything in between, we are uniquely qualified to create smooth-flowing, consumer-friendly financial environments.

Fitness & Rehabilitation

At Dennis Colwell Architects, we’ve established relationships with many fitness oriented businesses, and well as rehabilitation and physical therapy providers. Our experience in this sector allows us to identify the challenges and opportunities presented by these types of projects, including clearances, material selections, and transitions. Ancillary items to the main fitness and/or rehabilitation features include retail areas, cash-wraps, and changing/locker rooms.


Our experience in navigating this rapidly changing industry has led to strong relationships with some of the region’s leading providers. We’ve worked on projects at all stages of production: from growing and cultivation, to extraction and processing. Beyond production, the team at Dennis Colwell Architects has designed and renovated multiple dispensary spaces. Our experience in the field helps us to effectively navigate all of the unique challenges of these projects, including state and local regulations, compliance standards, and security protocols.

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